Support for individualized education (IEP) and support for the teachers and families that help kids succeed. The special needs children profit from being with kids who have no disabilities, but the general education kids learn tolerance and form attitudes that will make them better citizens. return;this.saveSearchFilters();this.gotoFunnelPage();},showZipCodeControl:function(){var zipCodeCtrlCount=jQuery(".field-container.zipCode").parent(".marker-container-hidden").length;if(zipCodeCtrlCount&&zipCodeCtrlCount>0){jQuery(".field-container.zipCode").parent(".marker-container-hidden").removeClass("marker-container-hidden");}}},watch:{'searchFilters.zipCode':function(newVal,oldVal){if(stringUtils.isNullOrEmpty(newVal)) Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community, Explain the importance of inclusion in a classroom environment, Describe strategies that teachers use to create an inclusive environment. {code:"HTTP_ERROR",error:"The server returned a "+r.status+" status with the following body: "+r.responseText}:{code:"HTTP_ERROR",error:"The server returned a "+r.status+" status but either the server did not return a body or this browser is a version of Internet Explorer that hides error bodies. (Array.isArray(a)?-1===a.indexOf(s):a!==s)&&(o[i]=[s].concat(a)):o[i]=s}(i.options,a);var p=function(e,r,i){var o=r.options.props;if(!t(o)){var a={},s=e.attrs,c=e.props;if(n(s)||n(c))for(var u in o){var l=w(u);nt(a,c,u,l,!0)||nt(a,s,u,l,!1)}return a}}(a,i);if(r(i.options.functional))return function(t,r,i,o,a){var s=t.options,c={},u=s.props;if(n(u))for(var l in u)c[l]=Ee(l,u,r||e);else n(i.attrs)&&Yt(c,i.attrs),n(i.props)&&Yt(c,i.props);var f=new Zt(i,c,a,o,t),,f._c,f);if(p instanceof ue)return Xt(p,i,f.parent,s);if(Array.isArray(p)){for(var d=rt(p)||[],v=new Array(d.length),h=0;h=0&&Math.floor(t)===t&&isFinite(e)}function u(e){return null==e? To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. Inclusive classrooms are those in which students with and without disabilities work and learn in the general education classroom. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Assistive Technology in the Classroom: Types & Uses, The Role of the School Guidance Counselor, Creating an Inclusive Math Learning Environment, Using an Individual Education Program (IEP) in the Classroom, The Importance of Stakeholder Communication in Special Education, Special Education Teachers: Roles & Responsibilities, Students with Dual-Sensory Impairment: Characteristics & Accommodations, Early Intervention for Students with Disabilities, Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation: Definition & Requirement, Adaptive & Assistive Technology: Definition & Uses, What is Inclusion? No classroom is an island, particularly an inclusive classroom. Rapp, Arndt, & Hildenbrand call for a change in the way teachers are prepared for the modern inclusive classroom. In addition to the professionals in her building, Ms. Paz also spends time doing her own research to learn about new strategies and best practices in inclusive education. )(]*>)","i")),p=e.replace(f,function(e,n,r){return u=r.length,po(l)||"noscript"===l||(n=n.replace(//g,"$1").replace(/

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